• In Easter 2006  I went on the
    Tiger Raid de Camargue.   
    An excellent trip with some
    challenging off road action
    in a beautiful part of France.
    I took in the new Millau
    bridge on the way home.  I
    rode 760 miles in one day
    from Millau to home.

  • In May I led a Yahoo
    UK_Tiger-Rides group
    around  Cambridgeshire
    and the Fens.

  • In July 2006 for the second
    year running I rode my Tiger
    955i on the 2006 Stella
    Alpina event in
    Bardonecchia, Italy with
Triumph Tiger 955i - Touring IV   2006
About 9,500 feet above sea level
5,000 feet above the end of the
tarmac.  Fantastic. The
suspension of the Tiger 955i is
so much better than my old Africa
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