The original Metzeler Tourance lasted
7,000 miles.  Generally a good tyre but I
had a few slides when cranked over
due to their being 40% air-gap and only
60% rubber on the edge.  
My second set were  Pirelli Scorpion
's which lasted an amazing
8,500 miles.  As good as or better
than the Tourance in all conditions.  
A very underrated Tyre in my opinion.
Bridgestone BT 020
I ordered a pair of BT020's from  They had an excellent website for finding the options available for
19" front tyres and 17" rear tyres.
After my worn out Scorpions the new BT020's felt like riding on tippy toe.  The bike eagerly flopped into corners and needed
a good tug on the bars to pick her up again.   The ride was smoother and the Tiger felt really nimble, inviting me to ride
more aggressively.  Grip in the dry was much improved.   There were no chicken strips on the rear tyre and I was getting
very close to the edge on the front tyres.  Not quite as good as the Scorpions in the wet.   I rode extensively off road and on a
Beach with the 020's.  Off road the BT020's are not that much worse than Tourance's.   I did take care on rocks as I felt sure
that the carcass would be more vulnerable to punctures.  I replaced them with a second set of BT020's.  Overall I was
delighted with them except when it rained.
Tyre options for the Tiger 955i
Michelin Pilot Roads
My last set of tyres were a pair of Pilots as
they were cheaper at the time than 020's.  
These Michelin's are now standard on the
newer Tiger 1050.  
The profile was rounder than the 020's.  
They suit the Tiger well and I think they are
an improvement in the wet over the BT020.  
In the dry they seem OK but overall I
definitely preferred the Bridgestone 020's.  
BT 020's the best tyre I tried on my
Tiger 955i.
I spend more time and effort working out which Tyres to use than on any other aspect of ownership.  A set of tyres can
transform a bike, hopefully to the good, sometimes to make it worse.
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