At 6,000 miles I had my standard Tiger 955i Dyno'd (see printouts below) which showed that the bike produced 86.9 BHP
at the rear wheel in standard trim with a perfectly linear power curve up to 8,000 then levelling off.  The bike was running
like a dream and on a trip to the Alps it would easily leave BMW GS1150's behind in mid to top end.  Like most BM's these
were modified with the Cat removed, Airbox mods and ran Remus End Cans.  Not bad as the Tiger 955i was about 2/3 of
the price.  As a reference my Africa Twin produced 54 BHP with a Remus Can + modified Airbox & Jetting on the same

Stop Press:  Bike Magazine in the UK Dyno'd the Tiger 1050 at 105BHP at the rear wheel with the Triumph "Off Road"
silencer (My next bike)
Triumph Off-Road Silencer.
After the Dyno run I had the Triumph "Off Road" silencer fitted by Ling's of
Ipswich.  Only 1 hour's labour which included upgrading the ECU with a bespoke
"Triumph Off Road Tune" also known as "TOR Tune" mapping.  I fitted a
K&N air

The Tiger was much more eager.  She would willingly elevate the front in first on
the throttle.  The noise was fruitier but nicely subdued, really emphasising the
triple wail.  After another 10,000 miles I would recommend this combo to
Tuning options for the Tiger 955i
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