Track Day on my 955i at Cadwell Park - full mountain circuit
In May 2007 I decided to have a go at a Track Day on the Tiger.  My BT020 Tyres were getting low in the centre of the tread so this seemed like a good
excuse to wear the edges out.  It was a brilliant day.  Not surprisingly I was the only Big Traillie, there were 3 supermotos and the rest were on Sports bikes.  
The Tiger held it's own well.  I was lapping about middle of the novice group and the edge of the tyres balled up nicely.  Cadwell Park is hilly, twisty and
narrow.  A superb bike circuit.
Oohps!  Well at least I got to ride over the grass in true Tiger fashion
and then got back on the circuit.  Several other riders just laid their bikes
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