Triumph Screen vs Jack
Lilley Tall screen.
Standard screen was fine,  
probably best for hot climates,
but it did cause buffeting
around the shoulders.  The JL
Tall screen improved buffeting
and noise but it did not provide
additional protection in a cross
wind. These pictures show
both screens for comparison.
Cee-Bailey #2 Screen.
This screen was much wider and more
swept back than the Jack Lilley Tall
screen.  At  5'8" I chose the shortest
option.  Buffeting was reduced to the edge
of my shoulders.  There was still some wind
noise.  Overall a superb sport / touring
screen.  It also looked very good on the
bike.  I suffer from Hay fever and this
screen certainly kept the wind off my eyes.

There were however 2 down sides.  The
lack of air flow caused my Schuberth S2
visor to mist up in cool/wet weather so a
"Fog-city" on the inside of the visor was a
must.  Also I had to epoxy 8mm nuts to the
lock stops to reduce the steering lock and
prevent the Mirrors hitting the screen.

Cee-Bailey are located in the USA, I have a
link to their site from my links page.  I paid
around £120 with postage and tax, well
worth it.
Screen options for the Tiger 955i
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