I wanted SatNav & Music.  I upgraded my Quest SatNav  to a Garmin Nuvi 360 Deluxe with full European Maps in 3D and it
MP3's and held the UK Speed Camera Alerts (All for £185).  I made the bracket myself and I held the Nuvi on with
Velcro.  The only problem is this set-up was not waterproof.   The Nuvi is also a blue tooth hands free so it told me when
the phone rang and I could read texts on the move.  Quite a neat bit of kit.  Great in the Car as well. It kept working for 4
years, if it rained hard it stops, when dried out it started up again. Great.
SatNav, Music and Mobile for a Tiger 955i on the move
Microbud in ear earphones from Sensorcom.com.  Good for bikes, trains
and planes.  There are now loads of in-ear phones around and off the bike I
normally use Sennheiser CX400's but the Microbuds are better if you want
to eliminate external noise.  My Schuberth S1 helmet was the quietest
around but some of the HiFi was lost in Tiger Screen turbulence.  
See later update on my Audi Technica ANC23 Noise Cancelling earphones.
For recorded music I used
SanDisk e140
Flash MP3 Player
The e140 had 1Mb of
memory + 2Mb SD card
giving me 3Mb.  Mine had
to be replaced twice under
warranty, good service but
should have worked in the
first place.
I could operate the e140
with gloves on.  I now play
my MP3's through my
Sometimes I want to
listen to a radio on the
move so I use a
Radio SRF-M37L
.  The
presets are easy to use
with gloves & it is water
resistant.   Battery life is
an amazing 20 hours
from one AAA battery.  
To my knowledge no
one supplies an RDS
equipped radio suitable
for a bike except Honda
who have a part for the
Pan European at
£500+.  Ouch!
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