I acquired a set of Held
throw-over Panniers
from my
next door neighbour.  They
were made from a light yet
heavy duty material.  I
fabricated brackets to make
the pannier semi permanent.  
The best thing was that my
rucksack with a Laptop fitted
easily inside and I could use
the Tiger for work without a
top box.  The extra give in the
fabric helped absorb bumps
& vibration.  The handling was
fine.  Weight < 1 kg.
This Tuareg Bag from Heine Gericke
fitted perfectly between the Tiger's
bars.  I attached it with Velcro.  The
bag stayed on at all speeds and was
easy to remove.  It was showerproof.
Great for Tolls, or storing an MP3
player, Mobile and my Starcom1
Buffalo Slipstream Tail Bag.  Attractive &
well made.  I attached it to a piece of
plywood which locked into the rack and
then held the bag on with 1 x 10mm bolt in
the middle for quick release.  The Buffalo
bag had rigid sides to maintain shape.  It
expanded 3" vertically.  It looked great on
the Tiger and weighed 1Kg..
All packed up and ready
for a 4 day dash to the
Alps and back.  
Tail Bag, Givi Tote bag
and Oxford Map Pocket.
I was getting  better but I
still took too much!   The
Tiger 955i handled well
with this setup.
Personally I hate wide
Different Luggage options for my Tiger 955i:
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