I'm 5'8" and the Tiger was a tall bike.  Don't be put off.  I could nearly get my
heals down and something like a Fireblade with it's wide seat and low bars is
much more difficult to balance at a standstill.  For shorties it is possible to
lower the seat by 1" or 25mm for virtually no cost.

Step 1.  Set the rear shock pre-load to minimum and then drop the forks
through the yokes by 20-30mm.

Step 2.  If you remove the seat and have a look you'll see that the subframe
sits a few mm above the main bike frame and the seat sits another few mm
above the subframe.  The idea is to remove this unwanted airspace.

Remove the 4 rubber feet from the Subframe and glue thin strips of rubber
inner-tube in their place.  Grind the front tongues of the Subframe flat and fit
fuel tubing on the brackets they slip under.  Test fit the Subframe and bend
the rear up a few degrees just behind the rear foot.  This will allow the rails to
sit much lower and parallel to the main bike frame.

Now file or drill the lower edge of the 4 lowest seat mounting holes to enable
the seat to sit right down on the Subframe rails.  Then cut a flat on the plastic
spacers on the front seat mounts to enable then to fit snuggly with less
clearance.  I also welded steel strips over the top of the (now) elongated
holes to stop the seat wobbling up and down.

Re-fit the seat and the Subframe.  The saddle should be another 10-12mm
lower.  Not a huge difference but on an adverse camber every little helps, and
the seat is still adjustable for taller riders.

Tip:  If you buy a Gel Seat you will get a second subframe so you can restore
the seat to normal if required.

Tip: Try fitting a Hagon Shock, plenty of scope to lower ride height further.
The lower photo shows the modified seat and subframe upside down.
Note how low the new rubber foot sits in relation to the seat base.  (I
hope this is making sense).  The aim is to get the seat as low to the
frame as possible and remove the air gaps.   My lowering was so
successful  I had to melt a small groove in the seat base with a
soldering iron to allow clearance for the lowered subframe.
How to Lower Your Tiger 955i Seat by 20mm for free
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