Here are a few older Modifications from the early days of ownership
Some Extras that I used in the early days on my Tiger 955i
Cruiser Pegs I fitted some footpegs to the Thunderbike crash bars.  
L/H side was a bit tricky but no extra drilling was required.  The pegs
enabled me to move around on the bike during long motorway trips.
Before I acquired my Garmin Nuvi GPS I used a
intercom unit connected to my Quest GPS and
MP3 Player.  This worked reasonably well, but the
Nuvi was much the better option.  I could hear my GPS,
play MP3's, and in theory use the phone.  This set up was
too complicated and I had to set it up before each ride.
Sigma Speedo.
Before I owned a SatNav I had a Sigma
Bicycle Speedo mounted close to the
screen to help me judge speed.
Sensoro Radar Detector.
Very useful for long trips on unknown
roads.  Now illegal in the UK.  I have since
used my Garmin Nuvi Satnav with Speed
Camera download which gives me plenty
of warning. Home Page
Thunderbike Crashbars, GPS, Motrax Chain Oiler
My old Garmin Quest GPS