Steel Cable
I carried 2 strong
bicycle cable
locks which I
wrapped around
the lefthand rear
footrest bracket.  
Easy to store
and deploy
Radiator Stone
I fitted
after market
covers to the
Radiator and oil
cooler (not
shown) to help
prevent stone
Tool Kit
The Triumph plastic tool kit holder was
awful.  I used a cheap pencil case made
from Denim with a large zip.  It held more
tools and kept them safe.  Try a pound shop
near you.
Tiger Key Ring  A must have.  I lost
the whiskers at speed.
An AMG badge, perfect for winding up  
GS owners.  
I bought a cheap, small digital camera.  I
fixed it to the tank filler with velcro.  Easy
to grab  for on bike shots with gloves on.
Fender Extender.  I had this fitted from
new, I thought it unnecessary until I
removed it and the oil cooler promptly
filled with dirt. So back on it went.
"Daytona" Heated Grips from Motrax
Tiger 955i Extras part III
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