12v Socket
I added a second 12v socket with built in rain cover.  This fitted
neatly in the small space between the tank and the steering head.  
Great for accessories.  A small metal bracket was used held in
place by the front Fuel Tank screw.
(Triumph now do the same for the Tiger Explorer)
Gel Seat & Sheepskin
The Triumph Gel Seat is very comfortable.  I found the
original seat was fine for up to 100 miles in a day.  
The Triumph Gel seat was a genuine improvement,
comfortable for 300+ miles.   
For long motorway trips I also picked up a
'Pet Blanket'
from eBay, cut it to size and the comfort
was even better.  I have ridden 760miles in one day
on the Gel Seat with the sheepskin from the Millau
Bridge in France to Cambridgeshire in England.
Additional Accessory
to switch my
2nd Dipped Beam
on/off, power to GPS &
power to the Heated
Tiger 955i Extras part deux
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