12v Socket
I added a second 12v socket with built in rain cover.  This fitted neatly
in the small space between the tank and the steering head.  Great for
accessories.  A small metal bracket was used held in place by the
front Fuel Tank screw.
(Triumph now do the same for the Tiger Explorer and Tiger 800)
Gel Seat & Sheepskin
The Triumph Gel Seat was very comfortable.  I
found the original seat was fine for up to 100
miles in a day.  The Triumph Gel seat was a
genuine improvement, comfortable for 300+
For long motorway trips I also picked up a
Sheepskin 'Pet Blanket' from eBay, cut it to
size and the comfort was even better.  I have
ridden 760miles in one day on the Gel Seat
with the sheepskin from the Millau Bridge in
France to Cambridgeshire in England.

Stop Press - In 2017 I am still using my £8
Sheepskin.  It stops my boots damaging the
seat getting on and off.  Stays cool in the sun
and shrugs off water.
Additional Accessory Switches to switch my 2nd Dipped
Beam on/off, power to GPS & power to the Heated Grips
Tiger 955i Extras part deux
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