Here are a few ways of improving long term Tiger ownership.
Thunderbike crash-bars from Thunderbike in New Zealand
An absolute must have.  They really do work.  I had 3 small "Offs" either off-road or at steep off
camber junctions.  No damage to the bike.  The screen, tank, mirrors, indicators and bar-ends were
unmarked.  Absolutely Brilliant!  My top rated accessory.  Makes the Tiger look well 'hard.
Garmin Nuvi 360 Deluxe GPS - My favourite toy.  I upgraded my Quest SatNav  to a
Garmin Nuvi.  Full European Maps in 3D and it plays MP3's and holds UK Speed
Camera Alerts
(All for £185).   The only problem is this set-up was not waterproof, I
drowned it twice but it worked again when dried out.   The Nuvi also had blue tooth hands
free so it tells me when the phone rings and I could read texts on the move.  Quite a neat
bit of kit.  Great in the Car as well.  
"Lubetronic" chain oiler from Motrax (Renamed
This device uses a solenoid wired into the ignition
circuit to automatically dispense the oil.  I like
Scottoiler's however as the carburation on the Tiger
was perfect I did not want to adversely affect it by
tapping into the manifold.  Neither did I want to
invalidate the warranty.  I used Scottoiler delivery
tubes and Scottoiler oil.  The first chain was replaced
at 20,000 with little sign of wear! (Much better than the
good old days).  Link to website   
PDOiler site
I fitted the optional electronic oil supply control and switched to "Fast" oil.  It worked
well.  It was siliconed to the rear mudguard and the adjuster was accessible from behind
the left side panel. (see know in middle of picture on left)
Some Extras to make Tiger 955i ownership even better
Get both headlights to work in dip and main beams
To make both lights work in dipped and main beam on UK spec Tiger 955i's you have to replace a missing solenoid.  See 955i Servicing page for details.  This
was my first modification in my first week of ownership.
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