EBC HH Sintered brake pads
I thought the Tiger's brakes were OK until I tried a Varadero on a steep pass in the Alps.   I had already swapped the front
pads for EBC HH pads which make the brakes sharper but not brilliant.  My friend who owned the Varadero had been a
Clubman Racer for 20+ years, he thought the front brake on my Tiger was poor.  (At the time I thought the brakes were good
having upgraded from an Africa Twin).
Replacement Front Brake Master Cylinder
I had always been able to pull the brake lever back to the
bars on the Tiger.  To ensure there was no air in the
system I bled the brakes with the callipers hanging above
the Master Cylinder but it made no difference.

Therefore I took the plunge and fitted a Master Cylinder
from a Kawasaki ZXR636.  I was looking for a Kwacker
M/Cyl that operated 6 pot callipers.  My thinking being that
it would displace more fluid for a given amount of lever

Well my theory worked.  The brakes were much sharper
and a gorilla could not pull the leaver back to touch the
grip. The original  Tiger Master Cylinder is based on a
Kawasaki item, therefore the Lever Pivot, Handguard and
Micro Switch all fit with ease.  I fabricated a small bracket
to mount the remote  reservoir.  

N.B.  The 1050 Tiger is supplied with a setup similar to
my modification so the front brake is much better.
Upgrading the Tiger 955's Brakes
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